Where will you binge tonight?


Move over Hallmark Channel - there's a new sheriff in Binge Town! (Ok, maybe that was a bit over the top)

Is it time to veg, chill, procrastinate or just hang out with friends? Well, whatever excuse you use for spending a ton of time watching (read: BINGEING) media you must first decide WHERE you are going to watch what you are going to watch.  Netflix, Amazon Prime, or GooglePlay?  Those are all fine choices in their own right, but what if there was something both entertaining AND spiritually uplifting?  There is!

Check out VidAngel  for a way to watch the movies you love on your favorite streamnig services while editing out the content you don't want.

Angel Studios - Stream Angel Studios originals like "The Chosen" and help decide what other content gets produced.

Pureflix studios can meet your need for a good, clean movie to make you cry, laugh, and/or encourage you in your faith. 

If you know of other sources, please comment on this blog so we can share it!