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Every Part is Needed!

Did you ever notice how we often look at what others are doing as more valuable or more important than what we ourselves are doing? Maybe we feel like we’d rather be out in front instead of behind the scenes, or we long for the big job instead of doing something we consider more mundane. Sometimes we may feel like it’s the opportunity that’s lacking, and other times we feel like it’s our own ability. But the truth is, nothing is lacking- God just has different callings for all of us.

Reading is Fundamental

Have you ever stopped to think about why it’s so important to read the Bible? It’s generally recognized as a common discipline for Christians, but the idea of reading the same book over and over can also be baffling to some. The thing is, it’s more than just a book- it’s the Word of God. Let that sink in for a second: the scriptures are actually a way God speaks to us personally. Whether it’s what’s actually written on the page or what the Holy Spirit reveals to us as we’re reading, God speaks into our lives. In fact, the Bible says,

The Choice Is Yours

The concept of choice is at the heart of some very heated debates today, but setting aside the current political climate, ultimate choice is about a different matter altogether. In fact, the central question that determines our eternal destiny is all about our choice -> “Who will we choose, God or the devil?” It is the same question God presented to the Israelites in the Old Testament:

God’s Skeleton Key!

It’s funny how everyday concepts can help give understanding to spiritual matters from the Bible. Take a skeleton key for example. When you have a skeleton key it allows you to open many different locks with the same key. It’s kinda the one to rule them all. So what does this have to do with spiritual concepts?

Giving an Account

Do you ever think about the fact that we will all have to give an account for our actions one day? I know that’s a heavy question, but if we ignore the implications of that future appointment, we gamble with our eternal destiny. The Bible says,

Called to Sacrificial Living

Calling all bargain hunters: if you’re like me, you love finding a great deal… on anything! And that appreciation for savings doesn’t just apply to discounts and freebies. Shortcuts that save time or labor-saving devices that reduce effort are marketable for a reason. Who doesn’t like to get more from less? But when it comes to God’s call for us to walk in love, it’s not about savings, it’s about sacrifice. Sure, that’s counter to all the messages around us that emphasize things like “me time” and self care,” but in God’s kingdom, sacrifice is not a dirty word. On the contrary, Jesus said,

Anchor in the Storm of Popular Opinion

How can we know what’s true and what’s right when everything around us seems to be so subjective? People use phrases like “my truth” to emphasize the potential for all of us to see the same facts and circumstances differently. In fact, for some, the assertion that there is such a thing as right and wrong or an absolute, objective truth, is an outdated and offensive position that must be shouted down. So what can we do to be sure that we aren’t the ones getting deceived and off-track? It starts with staying anchored to the One unwavering source of 100% reliable truth: God. Left to our own devices, it is guaranteed that we will go astray.

Humility: A Different Take

True confessions: I have sometimes bristled when hearing people talk about how we are supposed to be humble. In some cases, it conjured up images of folks I’ve seen being super phony, like, “Oh, this? It’s just a little old Nobel Peace Prize. Doesn’t everybody have one?” And other times, it felt like it was just a way for the other person to tell me I should be their doormat. But as it turns out, when I saw it like that, I was getting it all wrong. Operating in humility isn’t about downplaying reality, or about getting done in. It’s about operating in God’s ways, and being more like Him. You see,

Getting Some Perspective

Having the right perspective is a game changer when it comes to being able to weather the storms in our lives. Sometimes, the things we are experiencing right now can look very different depending on the point of view from which we are seeing them. For example, when I didn’t get the scholarship I needed to be able to go to my first choice school, I was devastated. I thought everything I had worked for was for nothing- I was a failure and my future was off track… Some may think that’s a bit dramatic, but it was real to me! Now, today, some years later, I see things totally different. I can recognize God’s hand in steering me to the university He wanted me to attend, connecting me to the people He wanted me to meet, and ultimately bringing me into the calling He had for my life all along. But on the day I got that letter from the other school, I just locked myself in the bathroom and sat on the floor crying while my brother banged on the door…

What Happens to My Calling When I Mess Up?

Have you ever heard people talk about how God has a purpose for your life, but deep inside you’ve thought you must be disqualified? I know I have. Especially when I struggle with the same issue over and over, or when I do something that I thought I’d never do. Even though we all make mistakes, sometimes I can feel like I’m an irredeemable mess. I mean, making a mistake is one thing, but there are times that my failures feel bigger than that. When I find myself wondering if God can really still use me, it helps me to consider an example God gave us in the Bible.

What is Love? Ask Not What Others Can Do for You…

The Bible teaches us to “Walk in love,” or as another translation puts it, “Live a life filled with love.” (Ephesians 5:2) But to be able to do that, we first need to understand what that word really means. Our culture today certainly seems to have a lot of ways to define love, but as it turns out, that’s nothing new. Interestingly enough, the Greek language (which the New Testament was originally written in) has several different words that are all translated into English as “love,” and they have different meanings and applications. For example, there’s storge (storgé), which is family love, and philia, which is more like friendship. There’s also eros, which is physical attraction. But then there’s agape (agápē). This is the big one, and it’s all over the Bible, including the scripture above. says that, “agape is often defined as unconditional, sacrificial love,” or even, “Christian…

Believe God Loves You...No Matter What!

“If God loves me, why has He allowed the bad things that have happened in my life?” We’ve all heard or asked this question, possibly many times, and the answer can seem elusive. But no matter what happens,

What Would Jesus Do (WWJD)?… Or Is There More To It?

When someone says they’re a Christian, what does that really mean? Is it that they’re a nice person? Or that they’ve been baptized and go to church? Is it about being justice-minded, or about being conservative? Or could it be that you embrace the teachings of Jesus? Well, actually, none of these definitions capture what it truly means to be a Christian.

Pressure Test

There’s nothing like a little pressure to bring out what’s really going on inside… And it’s just as true in the little stuff as in the big stuff. Take my day yesterday… My boss called me into a meeting to tell me that the deadline for my project just got moved up by a week…Oh, and also that my coworker who was helping on the project would be out on an unexpected vacation for the next 10 days. Of course, that meant that I had to race across town to meet said coworker before his flight left to get the materials he’d been working on. The final straw was getting stuck behind a driver that was determined to go seven miles below the speed limit, seemingly just to keep me from making it there in time. That’s when I lost it. If I was a cartoon, you would have seen the steam coming out of my ears, but instead I erupted with an outburst that instantly made me thankful that I was alone in the car. Seriously? Again?! It seems like…


When did you first become aware of having political opinions? Who or what do you think shaped them?